Nicole + Martin

Nicole and Martin were married at the beautiful Tradewinds Island Grand Resort. This property is one of my favorites. The rooms were a nice size, the ceremony site was beautiful, and I especially love the reception pavilion. It’s a huge area, but it is absolutely gorgeous.

We met Nicole and Martin at an expo several months back. After communicating via email several times, they drove over to the expo from Orlando just to see us.  That was a huge honor for us:)  Martin has a love for sports just like mine, even though he cheers for the Dolphins instead of the Bucs. Fortunately, I don’t hold that against him, lol.

The wedding was beautiful on their wedding day. It was hot, but it wasn’t full Florida summer hot. Believe me, I’m not in a hurry for that!  I loved Martin’s reaction watching Nicole walk down the aisle. It truly is a memorable experience watching your bride walk down the aisle, After having the grand entrance and first dance, we snuck back to the beach to get some sunset shots. Although I love shooting all parts of a wedding, sunset photos are my favorite.  I think we got some great shots of a beautiful couple. Congratulations Nicole and Martin!


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