Brooke + Alex

Brooke and Alex were married at the Gulport Casino. This was our first trip to Gulfport, and we really enjoyed the beauty of the quiet little beach town. It’s certainly a far cry from the busy St. Pete and Clearwater beaches we are used to since moving to Florida.

The day was a hot one. A really hot one. Luckily for everyone both the ceremony and reception were indoors.  By the time we went out for sunset photos, the temperature dropped and it was quite comfortable.  It’s amazing how drastic the weather changes in Florida:)

They chose to see each other prior to the wedding. We always leave that decision completely up to the couple, but I don’t think you’ll ever find a photographer that doesn’t want to be able to take some pictures of the couple before the wedding. Due to the heat, they chose to have the first moment indoors, which was totally fine by us.  It was a beautiful moment, and we were thrilled to be able to capture such great emotion.  Nothing beats seeing a groom see his soon to be bride for the first time in her dress!

Brooke’s coordinators from Lemon Drops Weddings and Events did a great job decorating the site. They did a great job with all the little details, making a perfect wedding even more perfect.  Here are just a few of our favorite images.


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