Angela + Scott

Summer is here. I know it may not technically be summer yet, but Angela and Scott’s wedding gave me all the proof I need that it is no longer spring.  Thankfully, with this being my second full year in Florida, I am starting to get a little more used to the Florida heat. Angela and Scott are from Colorado, so I think I definitely had an advantage over them, lol.

The wedding took place at the beautiful Sanibel Harbour Marriott on Sanibel Island. It was about a 3 hour drive for me, but since I’ve lived a majority of my life on an island, I actually don’t mind long drives at all. The location was absolutely beautiful, as they had their own little private beach, as well as a beautiful pier to take some pictures. They were such great sports about getting in the water, as well as dangling their feet off the edge of the pier. I think we got some pretty cool shots as a result:) Here are just a few of our favorites:


angela_scott_01 angela_scott_16 angela_scott_15 angela_scott_14 angela_scott_13 angela_scott_12 angela_scott_11 angela_scott_10 angela_scott_09 angela_scott_08 angela_scott_07 angela_scott_06 angela_scott_05 angela_scott_04 angela_scott_03 angela_scott_02