Heidi + Brad

We have had an amazing year of weddings so far. We have had some of the best couples and most enjoyable weddings that we’ve had in all the years we’ve been doing this (man, that statement makes me feel old).  That didn’t stop with Heidi and Brad’s wedding.  They were married at the Powel Crosley Estate in Sarasota, which is an absolutely gorgeous venue. You could literally walk around blindfolded and find spot after spot of amazing backdrops for photos, all within a relatively small area.

That being said, a wedding is all about the couple. I truly believe they make the photos great, not us. If a couple is having a great time, the photos come out great. It’s really as simple as that. Heidi and Brad made the photos great on their wedding day!  We worked them really hard moving from spot to spot, but they just kept on being perfect subjects. And of course Heidi’s dress – WOW!!!

They had a great first moment.  Let’s just say Brad liked what he saw, lol.  I don’t think that smile left his face for the entire day, lol.  As a result, we have lots and lots and lots of great pictures. Congratulations Heidi and Brad!!!


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