Meghan + Randy

meghan_randy_002 meghan_randy_023 meghan_randy_053 meghan_randy_109-2 meghan_randy_121 meghan_randy_141-2 meghan_randy_200 meghan_randy_270 meghan_randy_294 meghan_randy_315 meghan_randy_319 meghan_randy_340 meghan_randy_345I got to spend St. Patrick’s day with Meghan and Randy to celebrate their wedding. Their ceremony was held at the First Presbyterian Church in Dade City, and their reception followed at Wild Thing’s in Dade City. I had never been, or even heard of, Wild Thing’s, but once I did a little research I realized it was going to be a great day!

Randy and his family own the private zoo.  Randy is known as “The Tiger Man” because of his love and affection for Tigers. As I got to witness, they love him right back. We took some pictures of the beautiful couple in front of the tiger cage, and the tigers were clearly very excited to see him. He will get in the cage with all the big tigers, and he will even take a swim with them! It’s pretty amazing stuff.

After the ceremony, we hopped on the trolley to head back to the zoo.  They brought out a baby tiger, a baby kangaroo, and a baby ape (I don’t remember the name, but I do remember I was told it wasn’t a monkey).  Randy’s mom gave her speech holding one of the baby apes, which was definitely a first for me:)  Bringing out the animals definitely made for a unique experience for all the guests, and they clearly all had a great time.

Here are a few of our favorite images.