Melinda + Daniel

Weddings are unique.  Each wedding has a different vibe to it. Some are very serious. Some are romantic. Some are wild. Melinda and Daniel’s wedding can be described as hilarious. From the moment I stepped in the room to photograph Daniel, I knew I was going to be laughing a lot.  I was wondering where he got his great sense of humor, and then his dad (also his best man) walked in. It became very clear at that point. I tried to do some serious solo shots of the groom, but I quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen.  Instead I got some silly shots.

They had their first look outside the house they got ready in (which was a beautiful house by the way), and we were able to do most of the pictures before the wedding. I know doing a first look is always a big debate for many couples, and while I’ll never tell a couple what to do, it sure does give us a lot of time to get some great photos. I don’t think you’ll ever hear of a photographer who doesn’t like to do a first look:)

The ceremony and reception was held at the Belleair Beach Community Center.  After Melinda walked in at the ceremony, I was thinking maybe we might have a serious moment or two. Instead, the minister did an absolutely perfect rendition of the wedding scene from The Princess Bride.  I’m not sure how many people in the audience caught on, but I sure did!  The wedding continued on through the night to be a fantastic celebration of a wonderful couple.

Here are a few of our favorite images:




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