Leah + Bill

We’ve been having some great weather in Tampa over the last month or so.  Then on the morning of Leah and Bill’s wedding, of course it was cloudy and rainy:(  I really hate it when a couple plans for so long for a beautiful outdoor wedding, and then weather moves it indoors. It looked like that was almost a sure thing on the morning of their wedding. However, in true Florida fashion, the rain stopped and the sun crept through the clouds as the wedding got closer.  It was a huge relief for everyone!  We had to deal with a little wind (ok, a lot of wind), but I’ll take that every day over rain.

Leah and Bill are both originally from Pennsylvania, although they both currently live in Tampa. Just like us, they love it here. Tampa is such a great place, I don’t see how anyone wouldn’t love it.  Their wedding took place at Honeymoon Island State Park. It was my first time there, but it definitely won’t be my last.

I’m an early bird. I hate being late. I’d much rather show up an hour early than one minute late. I got to Leah and Bill’s wedding very early. Since I was so early, the guys weren’t in the room yet. They were hanging out at the hot tub, so I ran over and got a few images of them hanging out and having a good time. That continued throughout the wedding day!

Here are some of my favorite pictures.Leah_Bill_001 Leah_Bill_025 Leah_Bill_058 Leah_Bill_081 Leah_Bill_083-2 Leah_Bill_094 Leah_Bill_112 Leah_Bill_123 Leah_Bill_128 Leah_Bill_132 Leah_Bill_147 Leah_Bill_155 Leah_Bill_219 Leah_Bill_235 Leah_Bill_247 Leah_Bill_273 Leah_Bill_280-2 Leah_Bill_323