Rosalie + Joe

Wedding season is in full swing for us, as Rosalie and Joe’s wedding was our 4th wedding in 4 days.  A lot of people might assume we are tired after four straight days of shooting, but that’s simply not true.  In fact, I love shooting and could probably shoot every day.  I can’t exactly say the same thing for editing, lol.

Rosalie and Joe were married at the Clearwater Beach Rec Center.  This was our second time shooting there, but we were surprised and happy to see they have renovated the ballroom area. I really enjoy this venue, as it has a couple really nice spots for photos, and it doesn’t hurt that everything is in very close proximity:)  We did, however, take a quick trip down to the beach near sunset time.  Although we didn’t get the greatest sunset, we were able to capture some great photos on the beach.  During their engagement shoot, we started at the park and then rode together in Joe’s car to the beach for sunset photos. Everything was going great until Joe got a flat on the way:(  They were great sports about it, so I’m glad we were able to make it to the beach without any car trouble on their wedding day, lol.

Here’s a little secret about me:  I go into every wedding trying to predict who (if anyone) is going to cry.  After doing this for over 12 years now, I’ve gotten pretty good. I’m not perfect, but more often than not I get it right. This wedding was no exception.  As soon as Rosalie started walking in, I immediately turned my attention to Joe, who I correctly predicted would be crying. It really is one of my favorite moments of a wedding to see the groom get emotional when seeing his wife.

Here is some of our favorite images:

Rosalie_Joe_066-2 Rosalie_Joe_090 Rosalie_Joe_099 Rosalie_Joe_103-2 Rosalie_Joe_106 Rosalie_Joe_139 Rosalie_Joe_148 Rosalie_Joe_250 Rosalie_Joe_251 Rosalie_Joe_259 Rosalie_Joe_345 Rosalie_Joe_352 Rosalie_Joe_358 Rosalie_Joe_366 Rosalie_Joe_439 Rosalie_Joe_444-2 Rosalie_Joe_470 Rosalie_Joe_472 Rosalie_Joe_488 Rosalie_Joe_528