Bucs Win!!!!

I had a great weekend. After shooting a great wedding on Saturday, I flew to Atlanta to watch my beloved Bucs take on the Atlanta Falcons. However, for this game I got to be on the field and take photos.  This wasn’t my first game on the field, as I have been on the field for the Pro Bowl three times. However, a regular season NFL game isn’t the Pro Bowl!

It was truly an amazing experience, and I’m not just talking about because the Bucs won.  First of all, the sound on the field is incredible. It is so much louder on the field than it is in the stands. Second, those guys hit each other harder than I could ever explain. Even a routine tackle is bone crushing. I was amazed they could even get up after some of the hits. It was a great experience, and I’m so thankful I got to do it. Luckily, I will be going to Charlotte later in the year for the Monday Night game against the Panthers (my least favorite football team).

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day.  My favorite shots aren’t the football shots. My favorite shots are the ones of Gerald McCoy kissing his wife and daughter before the game. Maybe it’s the wedding photographer in me, but it was a moment that reminded me that these athletes are family people as well. Since I’ve done Gerald’s family photos for a while now, I knew he was going to go over and give them a kiss before the game, because that’s the type of guy he is.  I also caught Mike Evans giving his new wife a smooch before the game as well:)

bucs_falcons_001 bucs_falcons_002 bucs_falcons_003 bucs_falcons_052 bucs_falcons_058 bucs_falcons_065 bucs_falcons_074 bucs_falcons_086 bucs_falcons_088 bucs_falcons_093 bucs_falcons_095 bucs_falcons_100 bucs_falcons_108 bucs_falcons_121 bucs_falcons_144