Shelly + Joel

Shelly and Joel were married at the beautiful Sunset Grill at Little Harbor, in Ruskin, Florida.  They both got ready in nearby condos, which made things very convenient for all parties (including us).  The ceremony was held on the beach by the sunset, which overlooks downtown St. Pete.  When we got there, we had beautiful blue skies and lots and lots of sunshine. Within literally just a few minutes, a really really dark cloud began to make it’s way towards us. As the ceremony progressed, the winds picked up, and the clouds moved closer and closer. You can see the difference in the photos below:)  When the ceremony ended and the couple left the site, the rain followed – and boy did it rain! In fact, I’m pretty sure the rain was falling completely sideways!  We decided to wait a few minutes, and in true Florida fashion the rain cleared and the sun came out again.  We ended up getting some great shots, and by looking at the pictures, you would have never known we had to survive a tropical storm:)

Here are some of our favorite shots from the day:


shelly_joel_007 shelly_joel_060 shelly_joel_067 shelly_joel_121 shelly_joel_128 shelly_joel_150 shelly_joel_167 shelly_joel_176 shelly_joel_194 shelly_joel_250 shelly_joel_256 shelly_joel_271 shelly_joel_290 shelly_joel_340 shelly_joel_350 shelly_joel_357 shelly_joel_360 shelly_joel_377 shelly_joel_383 shelly_joel_389 shelly_joel_399 shelly_joel_473 shelly_joel_546 shelly_joel_550