Amanda + Robby

Hurricane Hermine didn’t really hit Tampa hard, but it sure did bring in some unpleasant weather. Amanda and Robby were married just a couple days after Hermine passed Tampa, so there was definitely a little uneasiness as to whether or not the weather would be okay for their wedding. As fate would have it, blue skies appeared just hours before I made my way to their wedding!  It’s amazing that in the 12 years and over 1000 weddings I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of, I have had an amazingly low number of weddings get rained out. It’s a great string of luck that I hope continues.

Amanda and Robby were married in Ybor City at CL Space. I love shooting in Ybor City. I’m a huge fan of brick walls, as well as the urban look, and Ybor has both:)  My favorite shot of the day took place after the ceremony. We immediately tried to get a family shot with them and their two children.  However, the kids weren’t having it, lol.  Since we couldn’t get them to stop crying, we decided mom and dad should cry too. The result is a hilarious shot that I’m sure will be something they remember forever, lol.

Here are a few more images we like:

amanda_robby_041 amanda_robby_084 amanda_robby_088 amanda_robby_101 amanda_robby_115 amanda_robby_128 amanda_robby_139 amanda_robby_200 amanda_robby_300 amanda_robby_311 amanda_robby_324 amanda_robby_328 amanda_robby_345 amanda_robby_371 amanda_robby_381 amanda_robby_40821