Jenn + Adam

Summertime is coming to a close, but not before Jenn and Adam’s wedding. They were married at St. Michael’s in Clearwater, with their reception following at Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club. Before I tell you about their wedding, I have a great story as to how we met Jenn. We did a wedding expo at Innisbrook, and Jenn and her Maid of Honor were there checking out vendors.  While Janice was talking with the girls,one of our photos fell. Since I didn’t have a ladder, I grabbed the chair that was behind Janice. I’m sure you can probably guess what happened next. Yep, Janice didn’t realize I took the chair, and proceeded to have a seat. Next thing I know I hear a thud, and there is Janice lying on the floor, lol.  Jenn and Kristina did a great job of not laughing too hard, but the same can’t be said for me.  I guess we made a good impression, because they ended up booking us. I’m thinking that might have to be our strategy at future expos. Janice is much less receptive to the idea.

Anyway, back to the wedding:)  One thing that really stood out with their ceremony was their minister. Not to stereotype too much, but you don’t usually associate a Catholic minister with funny. However, their minister was really funny.  He even made a FSU joke to the couple (they both went to the University of Florida).  It lightened the mood, and made for a very enjoyable ceremony.

After the ceremony, we were running a little low on time, and the limo wasn’t back yet from taking a groom from the church to Innisbrook. As a result, we did a quick little photo shoot outside the church, which ended up being a life saver because the sun set well before we got to the resort.  By the time we arrived at Innisbrook, it was almost completely dark.  It was challenging, but thanks to a little creative lighting, we were able to get some good shots.

Of course you can’t talk about this wedding without talking about the cake cutting. I’ve seen a few cake smashes, but this may have been the best one yet, and it totally caught me by surprise. I didn’t expect it, and I don’t think Jenn did either. Of course Jenn got her revenge!

Here are a few of our favorite images:


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