Lexie + Justin

March 30, 2016 Wedding

Lexie and Justin were the second of four straight days of weddings – the first time we’ve done so since we…

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Meghan + Randy

March 27, 2016 Wedding

I got to spend St. Patrick’s day with Meghan and Randy to celebrate their wedding. Their ceremony was held at the…

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Melinda + Daniel

March 23, 2016 Wedding

Weddings are unique.  Each wedding has a different vibe to it. Some are very serious. Some are romantic. Some are wild….

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Stephanie + James

March 20, 2016 Wedding

Wedding season is back in full gear, and we are so excited to have a busy spring and summer!  We’ll have…

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Crystal + Tim

March 14, 2016 Wedding

Crystal and Tim were married at the beautiful Isla Del Sol Yacht and Country Club in St. Pete.  This was our…

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LaToi’ + Brandon

March 1, 2016 Wedding

LaToi’ and Brandon were married at the beautiful Town Manor Bed & Breakfast. This was our first time to this location,…

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