Shannon + Dustin’s Wedding

We took a road trip to the beautiful city of St. Augustine for Shannon and Dustin’s wedding,which took place at the beautiful Vault at the Treasury.  It doesn’t take long to realize that they may seriously be the sweetest couple in the world. You can just tell how happy they are together, which is a beautiful thing to see.

That dress!!!  Yeah, it’s pretty much amazing! Shannon had described it to us prior to the wedding, but it far exceeded expectations.  We’ve been doing this for 11 years now, probably around 1000 weddings, and it was the first of it’s kind.

The bride and groom chose not to see each other prior to the wedding, but Shannon did have a “first look” with her father.  It was a beautiful moment to watch her father see his daughter in her wedding dress.  As a father, I can only imagine what they must have been like (but I’m not anywhere near ready to find out!).  Shannon and Dustin did, however, take a couple pictures separated by a door just a few minutes prior to the wedding.  While there, Shannon’s sister prayed for them.

During the ceremony and throughout the day, they just couldn’t stop smiling at each other.  It sounds a bit cheesy, but you could truly feel the love between the two.  It definitely makes our job easier when a couple show many emotions throughout their day.

We were warned that they liked to party, and boy they sure didn’t disappoint! There wasn’t a person there who didn’t have a blast, including the vendors.  The night ended (for us at least) with the sparkler exit.  Since this is a new thing for us, I’m working on not getting burned, but it’s still a work in progress.  But of course, our job is to do whatever it takes to get the shot!


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