Jordan + Deon’s Wedding

We had heard a lot of great things about the Palmetto Club, and it sure didn’t disappoint.  It had a huge room for the bride to get ready, a beautiful garden for the ceremony, and a elegant ballroom for the reception.  The staff was great, and the food was excellent.

I love the way the light hit the ceremony.  We didn’t need any flash as a result, which is good thing.  You won’t find too many photographers that prefer flash over natural light.  Kristen Elizabeth ( set the mood with her beautiful music, and the ceremony was absolutely perfect.
This wedding may have set the record for highest number of photobombs.  Jordan and Deon were photobombed throughout the day – some on accident, most on purpose.  They had a lot of characters at their wedding, and it made for a really fun day.  We even got photobombed by a random guy when we went across the street to take some pictures at the gazebo.
The reception had some wonderful, touching speeches.  In particular, Jordan’s maid of honor had everyone in tears.  Ian Davis from ID Visual Effects and Sounds ( did a beautiful job with the uplighting, as well as supplied some excellent music for everyone to dance to.  The biggest difference we’ve noticed from Hawaii weddings versus Florida weddings is that there is much more dancing at the Florida weddings. People can’t wait to get down on the dance floor.  jordan+deon_001 jordan+deon_010 jordan+deon_025 jordan+deon_043 jordan+deon_053 jordan+deon_101 jordan+deon_114 jordan+deon_139 jordan+deon_143 jordan+deon_182 jordan+deon_209 jordan+deon_213 jordan+deon_225 jordan+deon_232 jordan+deon_346a jordan+deon_357 jordan+deon_377