Sarah + Dustin Wedding

Here are some of our favorite images from Sarah and Dustin’s wedding at the Hilton Clearwater Beach.  This was a fantastic wedding at a great venue with great vendors. Special thanks to Courtney from the Hilton, their coordinator Theresa from Confetti Events, and their DJ Jude from Grand Hemmond.  They did a fantastic job helping the wedding run smoothly, which makes our job easier.  Unfortunately we had a bit of a Florida rain right before the ceremony, so the ceremony wasn’t able to be on the beach as planned.  Fortunately, the Hilton has a wonderful covered area right by the beach that I thought worked out just as good.  Of course, as soon as the ceremony started, the rain stopped and the sun came out, allowing us to get some shots on the beach after the wedding. All in all, the wedding was perfect, and we are so honored to be a part of it.  sarah_dustin_016 sarah_dustin_043-2 sarah_dustin_047-2 sarah_dustin_068 sarah_dustin_090 sarah_dustin_111 sarah_dustin_116-2 sarah_dustin_136-2 sarah_dustin_145 sarah_dustin_157 sarah_dustin_166 sarah_dustin_219-2 sarah_dustin_221 sarah_dustin_314 sarah_dustin_346 sarah_dustin_380-2 sarah_dustin_385 sarah_dustin_466 sarah_dustin_468 sarah_dustin_485-2 sarah_dustin_505 sarah_dustin_524 sarah_dustin_601-2 sarah_dustin_641 sarah_dustin_675 sarah_dustin_692