Jillian + Marcus

Before I write about this awesome couple, let me first apologize for not blogging in far too long. I’ve been spending the slower season (December-February) getting caught up with editing, as well as preparing for a very busy spring season. I will definitely do a better job blogging in the future!  Of course, we are always adding pictures to our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. Please follow us:)

Jillian and Marcus were married at the Museum of Fine art in downtown St. Petersburg.  This was a truly beautiful venue, and the staff was very nice and accommodating to us. They got ready at the Vinoy, which is basically walking distance to the museum.  By the time the ceremony was finished, it was completely dark outside, so we got to shoot some really cool nighttime shots for their pictures together. These two are so great together that they really made our job easy and enjoyable. Congratulations Jillian + Marcus!!!


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