Melissa + Gio

First of all, I apologize for slacking on the blog posts. We’ve been pretty busy with weddings and I got a little backlogged with weddings to edit. I always prioritize not having brides wait versus doing a blog post. However, I’m starting to get caught up, so I will try to blog more frequently. I have several weddings that I’ve done that are definitely blog-worthy:)

Melissa and Gio are a super sweet couple. I really enjoyed getting to know them and their two beautiful children at their engagement shoot at the University of Tampa, so I was really looking forward to their wedding. Let me tell you, their wedding was just as beautiful as it was hot, lol. I usually wear an under shirt, but I decided to skip the under shirt for this wedding (don’t ask me why), and my shirt was dripping with sweat. I’m sure I looked disgusting, but on the bright side it looked like I was working really hard!!!

Despite the heat, Melissa and Gio were able to handle the heat and had a great time. Not to mention that we got a pretty awesome sunset too! Here are some of our favorites: