Kat + Rob

Before I write about this beautiful wedding, let me again apologize for not blogging in forever:( I try my best to edit people’s weddings and events as quickly as possible, so I often just leave out the step of writing about it. Instead, I try to quickly move on to the next project. Even though December tends to be one of our slowest months for weddings, we do lots of family shoots. Combine that with the craziness of the holidays and you aren’t likely to get a whole lot of blog posts out of me. That being said, it’s a new year and I’m close to being caught up with my editing (the hope is you never get completely caught up, because that means you don’t have enough business), so I’m going to try to do a better job. However, no promises!!!

From the moment I met with Kat, I knew this was going to be a fun wedding. She has a great sense of humor, and is always smiling. That always equals a great time and great pictures. I couldn’t wait for this wedding to happen, and it did not disappoint.  Rob, on the other hand, hates taking pictures.  I mean really hates taking pictures! This is actually more common than not when it comes to guys, so it’s really not a big deal at all. By the end of the day, he was seeking out the camera and smiling for us, so maybe I’ve helped him turn the corner. Ok, that may be a bit of a stretch, but I like to at least tell myself that.

Kat_Rob_007-2 Kat_Rob_030 Kat_Rob_069 Kat_Rob_074 Kat_Rob_102-2 Kat_Rob_135 Kat_Rob_144 Kat_Rob_161-2 Kat_Rob_166 Kat_Rob_171 Kat_Rob_173 Kat_Rob_266 Kat_Rob_272 Kat_Rob_310 Kat_Rob_336 Kat_Rob_383 Kat_Rob_414 Kat_Rob_426 Kat_Rob_434 Kat_Rob_441 Kat_Rob_508 Kat_Rob_512 Kat_Rob_605 Kat_Rob_617 Kat_Rob_621 Kat_Rob_767