Yolari + Ryne

I got to spend a Saturday with Yolari and Ryne at the Heritage Bay Golf Club in Naples.  I hadn’t met the couple in person until the wedding day, so I was very excited to finally put a face to the name. They were just as nice in person as they were over the phone, so I knew I was in for a great day.

Their wedding was only a couple days after Hurricane Matthew, so there was a little anxiety as far as how the weather would be, but luckily it was an absolutely perfect day. It was of course a little warm, but not a drop of rain.  The golf course was a perfect backdrop for some great photos of this beautiful couple. Here are a few of our favorites:

yolari_ryne_005 yolari_ryne_045 yolari_ryne_062 yolari_ryne_078 yolari_ryne_084 yolari_ryne_099 yolari_ryne_149 yolari_ryne_152 yolari_ryne_156 yolari_ryne_180 yolari_ryne_211 yolari_ryne_215 yolari_ryne_218 yolari_ryne_224 yolari_ryne_232 yolari_ryne_258 yolari_ryne_262 yolari_ryne_277 yolari_ryne_323 yolari_ryne_330 yolari_ryne_337 yolari_ryne_344 yolari_ryne_437