Sylvia + Tito

After a two weeks without shooting a wedding, we were very excited for Sylvia and Tito’s wedding. We aren’t quite accustomed to the summers being slower as they are in Tampa, because in Hawaii it was the exact opposite. I don’t think we ever had a Saturday off in June, July, or August for as long as we can remember in the Aloha State.

When I met with Tito, I learned quickly that he has a passion for photography. I love it because I knew that photography would be very important to him, and he would be very willing and excited to take as many photos as possible. During their kiss in the ceremony, he pulled out his cell phone to take a selfie:) It was really funny, and you could hear everyone in the audience say “that’s Tito!”.

After the ceremony we had limited time, as well as a little rain, so we had an abbreviated photo session with the two of them. However, we came back outside for sunset photos and got an amazing pink sky. The sky was so pink it turned the water color pink as well! I can’t say I’ve ever seen that before, so I was really excited to give them some very cool and unique photos.

Here are a few of our favorites from Sylvia and Tito’s big day:

sylvia_tito_007 sylvia_tito_074 sylvia_tito_181 sylvia_tito_286 sylvia_tito_304 sylvia_tito_327 sylvia_tito_382 sylvia_tito_462 sylvia_tito_467 sylvia_tito_533 sylvia_tito_537 sylvia_tito_550 sylvia_tito_674