Melissa + Drew

We kicked off April by shooting the wedding of Melissa and Drew at the gorgeous Sandpearl Resort in Clearwater. This was our first time at the property, so we were really excited. That being said, the day started off with us being very nervous. It was pouring down rain all morning, with no signs that it was going to let up.  We started at 3pm, so fortunately as we were driving into Clearwater the weather started to clear up a bit. By the time the wedding started, we had some really nice weather, which produced some nice soft light. As a photographer, that’s exactly what you want (soft light as opposed to harsh, bright light).  More importantly, we want our couples to be able to have the wedding they dreamed about, as opposed to having to alter their plans to accommodate the weather.

The couple gave each other gifts before the wedding. Drew received an Apple watch from Melissa, which of course he was very excited about and immediately put on and wore for the wedding.  Drew then told us that Melissa was definitely going to cry when she received his gift, which was a painting of their two dogs by their feet as they were getting married.  As soon as she opened the gift, she immediately turned away, so as not to cry.  She maybe looked at it for a second, lol.  I’m sure by now she’s looked at it a million times!

The rest of the wedding was a big party, and everyone in attendance had a great time. Special thanks to all the vendors that were a part of the wedding, especially the staff at the Sandpearl Resort, as well as Steve from Grant Hemmond (the DJ).  Congratulations Melissa + Drew!!!



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