Katie + Brandon

Katie and Brandon were married at the beautiful Grand Plaza Resort in St. Pete Beach. This is definitely one of the more popular venues in the bay area, and for good reason.  The grounds of the property are beautiful, and the staff is very helpful.

Katie got ready at the hotel, while Brandon got ready in a house right around the corner.  While she was getting ready, Katie became a bit emotional, which of course is quite common. As a photographer, this is a good thing because we want to capture emotion. Nobody wants a thousand pictures of everyone looking at the camera. Instead, they want to see the laughing, crying, and all the other emotions that a wedding brings out in people.

During the ceremony, we were lucky enough to get some cloud cover, which helps not only with the lighting but with the comfort of everyone. It’s hot enough as it is in June, we don’t need people squinting as well:)  After the ceremony, everyone battled through the heat and got some great photos.

At the reception, the group partied hard!  After Katie’s sister gave her speech, all of the bridesmaids performed a dance for the couple that was hilarious. It was definitely a huge surprise that the couple loved. After all the normal festivities of a reception, everyone danced the night away until probably well after we left.

Here are some images that we love:


katie_brandon_005 katie_brandon_014 katie_brandon_040 katie_brandon_047 katie_brandon_064 katie_brandon_080 katie_brandon_092 katie_brandon_096 katie_brandon_124 katie_brandon_142 katie_brandon_155 katie_brandon_170 katie_brandon_201 katie_brandon_235 katie_brandon_250 katie_brandon_270 katie_brandon_304 katie_brandon_361-2 katie_brandon_371 katie_brandon_379 katie_brandon_402 katie_brandon_408-2 katie_brandon_414 katie_brandon_420 katie_brandon_493 katie_brandon_584


One response to “Katie + Brandon”

  1. Khristy Stoffer Avatar
    Khristy Stoffer

    This was such a special day for Brandon and Katie and the photos captured every moment perfectly. They almost look unreal. We have received lots of compliments on your work to the tune of “these are some of the best wedding pictures we have ever seen”. Thank you for the wonderful job you did!!! We can’t stop looking at them.

    Mother of the Bride