Jessica + Ryan

Jessica and Ryan had a beautiful wedding ceremony in their backyard, with their reception at Coppertail Brewery. This was an extra fun wedding, as Jessica is the third of 3 super close friends all married within the last few months, all of which trusted Head Over Heels to capture their special day.  I consider this a tremendous honor, but it also makes it great because I feel like I know everyone.  It’s also really nice to see some of our former couples. Hopefully they have another friend on deck to get married, lol.

Some projected rain forced the couple to get a tent to make sure they stayed dry (thanks to Brandon Rental for coming through with a last minute request).  The cloudy day made for some really nice, even light for the photos, which this photographer really enjoyed.

The reception was very casual compared to a normal reception, as there wasn’t really any formalities, aside from a couple really nice toasts. Instead, they spent the reception hanging out with their guests and eating great food.

Here are just a few of our favorite pictures:

Jessica_Ryan_314 Jessica_Ryan_248 Jessica_Ryan_240 Jessica_Ryan_237 Jessica_Ryan_227 Jessica_Ryan_194 Jessica_Ryan_185 Jessica_Ryan_114 Jessica_Ryan_098 Jessica_Ryan_084 Jessica_Ryan_083 Jessica_Ryan_067 Jessica_Ryan_001