Ching Family Photo Shoot

The Ching Family Photo Shoot was held at one of our most best kept secret locations at the Shoreline Park in Ewa Beach. It has turned into one of our favorite parks in Hawaii that nobody knows about.

Stumbled across it one day while out on one of my fishing adventures and thought to myself ‘This would be the perfect location to bring The Ching Family’.  Although the day I found the perfect spot I didn’t catch any fish, I did catch the perfect shot.

And that’s what we did! It’s in the middle of a residential neighborhood but it’s a beautiful spots with lots of variation and space for the kids to run around and be themselves.  The young children enjoyed playing in the tall grass so much it was difficult to keep up with them, but easy to capture their smiles.

Thank you to The Ching Family for allowing us to capture how sweet of a family you are!