Ashley + Stephen

They tell me it’s fall in Florida, but it sure didn’t feel like it at Ashley and Stephen’s wedding at the Grand Plaza!  I’ve yet to feel the weather cool down at all, but I was more than happy to sweat through another shirt for this spectacular couple.  Speaking of sweating through shirts, poor Stephen not only sweated through his shirt, but through his vest, and even through his coat! We all toughed it out and got some great photos!

One very memorable moment from this wedding was that Ashley wrote a letter to her mom, as well as a letter to her dad. They read the letters out loud, and it was a very emotional moment – even for their photographers!

Here are a few of our favorites:

ashley_stephen_001 ashley_stephen_077 ashley_stephen_089 ashley_stephen_147 ashley_stephen_149 ashley_stephen_200 ashley_stephen_207 ashley_stephen_210 ashley_stephen_223 ashley_stephen_290 ashley_stephen_295 ashley_stephen_298 ashley_stephen_338 ashley_stephen_343 ashley_stephen_346 ashley_stephen_389 ashley_stephen_402 ashley_stephen_480 ashley_stephen_505 ashley_stephen_541 ashley_stephen_688